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Education & Training

The Phoenix Center provides education on a variety of topics related to our mission. Training is available for junior and senior high school students, college students, civic groups, as well as in-service trainings for professionals.

LGBT Connections

Most people want to know more to do better – in their jobs, with their family, and in the community. We offer  training tailored to fit the needs of the group (medical, social work, business, education, etc).


In LGBT Connections training you will learn:

  • LGBT related concepts, terms and definitions.
  • Information about the “coming out” process.
  • To recognize barriers and challenges faced by LGBT people.
  • Transgender specific terms and information on social and medical transitioning.
  • The importance of connecting, in a meaningful way, 
  • What you can do to create a welcoming environment at work or at home.

It is important that those working with LGBT individuals understand what being gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender means, as well as understanding the issues specific to the population. If you are a direct service provider or work with the general public it is important to be educated and culturally aware. What can you do to improve your workplace – to make it more LGBT friendly?

LGBT:Connections Advanced

This training is information that can be added to the “Connections” training or presented as a “part 2” / advanced training. This includes:

  • Micro-aggressions
  • Types of biases
  • LGBT specific legislation


It has been over 30 years since the first diagnosed case of AIDS in the United States and, while this is completely preventable, there are nearly 50,000 newly diagnosed cases each year and there are over 1,000,000 people living in the US with HIV/AIDS. THEREFORE we need to educate.

The CDC reports that young people, ages 13-29 account for nearly 40% of new infections. Since young people should know how to protect themselves from HIV infection, the Phoenix Center offers basic HIV/AIDS education in area schools. Topics discussed include:

  • risks and forms of transmission
  • why and when to get an HIV test
  • treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • sexually transmitted diseases & Hepatitis C (frequently a co-infection with HIV/AIDS)

Other training topics include transgender specific rights and laws, syringe exchange & overdose prevention, PrEP, Training is available for area professionals or anyone wanting to learn more.


To schedule a training, call Jonna at 217-528-5253.


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