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Condoms & Lube

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We distribute FREE condoms and lube.

Why is this important…? Many people associate condoms with pregnancy prevention when in fact they can be life saving. They help prevent the transmission of HIV, gonorrhea and chlamydia, and condom use is also associated with a lower rate of cervical cancer, an HPV-associated disease.

Are condoms all the same? No, there are different sizes, textures, colors and brands. There are flavored, ones with extra lube, ones that glow in the dark. Typically they are made of latex but non-latex are available for those who have allergies.

Why lube? There are lots of reasons to use lube. It can increase pleasure and enhance pleasure but most importantly from a prevention perspective, it will reduce friction which in turns reduces the risk for creating a tear which can serve as a portal of entry for HIV and other STDs.


If you would like free condoms and lube, you can stop by any of the following places:

Phoenix Center – 109 E. Lawrence Ave. Springfield IL

Clique Bar – 411 E. Washington St. Springfield IL

OUT in Quincy – 432 S. 8th St. Quincy IL


If you would like us to send them directly to your home, please complete the form below.


Home Deliveries

This form is for individuals wanting harm reduction supplies, Narcan, a home HIV test kit, condoms and/or lube sent to their home.

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Male condoms come in many different sizes, colors, and brands. Please type in a special request below. We will do our best to meet all requests.
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