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Transgender Support Group

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Phoenix Center TranSupport Group

This group is for transgender individuals who are 18+.

The TranSupport Group is for individuals 18+ who are dealing with issues related to their gender identity and the transition process. To get more information on the group, including dates and times, please complete the application below. We will be in touch. Thank you!

If you have questions you can contact Kate, the facilitator, at

Group Facilitator – Kate Schwartz M.A.

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What does it mean to be Transgender?

Transgender people’s gender identity is different than their biological sex. For example, a person who is identified at birth as female (based on biological sex) but their gender identity is male is transgender.

How do I know if I’m transgender?

You may feel that you are more comfortable expressing yourself as a gender other than the gender you were assigned with at birth. You may feel extremely uncomfortable with the gender specific parts of your body. For example, you may have breasts and prefer not to have them. Or, you might not feel uncomfortable with your gender-specific body parts and, at the same time, feel a deep need to have other body parts.

Am I normal?

Being transgender is as normal as being alive. Throughout history many people have felt they were transgender. Transgender people are everywhere – teachers, doctors, construction workers, and wait staff. They attend college, have children, and enjoy careers.

What does it mean to transition? Should I do it?

Some people who identify as transgender are comfortable telling a close friend or circle of friends. Individuals may choose to change their name, their pronouns, their gender expression, and their documentation (birth certificate, driver’s license, Social Security info, Passport) – these are “social transition” steps. Some may change their body with HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and some may have surgery to be more congruent with their gender identity – these are “medical transition” steps.

As you decide which steps if any to take, it will help to talk about your feelings with a mental health professional who is competent with transgender issues, medical providers (such as endocrinologists) and other transgender people. You should express yourself the way you feel most comfortable, without pressure from others.

What does transgender mean about my sexual orientation? Am I gay or straight or what?

Being transgender has to do with your gender identity, how you feel about who you are. It has NOTHING to do with your sexual orientation or who you are attracted to.

Terms Confused With Transgender…
  • Intersex – individuals who have characteristics that do not match the typical understandings of male and female; outdated term – hermaphrodites. Some intersex conditions are known at the time of birth while others are not discovered until later in life; if at all. Some intersex conditions are anatomical while others are chromosomal or hormonal. For more information contact Advocates for Informed Choice.
  • Cross dressers – refers to people who choose to wear the clothing generally associated with the opposite gender; outdated term – transvestite. They do so because they find it fulfilling in emotional and sexual ways. Cross dressing is about more than sexuality – it is a way that a person expresses all of who they are, both masculine and feminine.
  • Drag Queen – is a term historically used by gay men who dress in the clothing usually associated with women for the purpose of entertainment. There are also drag kings who are biologically female and dress as men, again for the purpose of entertainment.
  • Transsexual – is a term used by some to identify transgender individuals who seek medical intervention through hormones and/or surgery. This is a very dated term.

Check out these videos at – “My Secret Self” and “Transgender 101”

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