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I Am HIV+..Now What?

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Have you recently been diagnosed with HIV and have no idea what to do or where to go?
Have you had an HIV diagnosis for awhile but have not reached out for help or medical attention?

While HIV is not a death sentence and you may very well be feeling okay, it is important that you get linked with medical care. Call us – we can help you get connected to the services you need – medical, prescription medication, counseling, additional information, referrals, etc.


Why Is Treatment Important?

  • Lowering the amount of virus in the body can keep a person with HIV healthy longer.
  • Keeping the virus under control with medicines greatly lowers the chances of passing HIV on to others.
  • Only 28% of all people with HIV know they are infected, get regular medical care, take ART (anti-retroviral therapy) and have the HIV virus under control.
  • The number of people with HIV who get AIDS has decreased over time because of advances in medical care and ART.  Still, more than 16,000 people with AIDS die each year. (


Some people do not seek medical attention because they think they can’t afford it. There are various programs available to help you with the expenses of both medical providers and medication – we can connect you to them! Treatment is IMPORTANT. If it is determined that you need to be on medication, adherence (taking your medications when you are supposed to) is IMPORTANT. Telling your partners – past, present, and future, is IMPORTANT. You would want previous partners to get tested, and present and future partners to be protected and to know your status. Don’t know how to do this – we can help!


IL Public Health Association has important information on “Staying In Care”. Take a look – click HERE!


If you have questions, don’t know what to do or where to go, or just want to talk about being HIV+ – CALL US @ 217-528-5253.

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